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2nd June 2021

Standard Coiled Tubing (CT) Tools comprises of more commonly used products that are utilised in the majority of Coiled Tubing operations and attached to the upper end of the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

Every Coiled Tubing application requires a connection to be made between the Coiled Tubing itself and the BHA. There are numerous designs of Coiled Tubing Connectors provided by LiMAR, all of which fall into this category.



Critical Considerations of Basic BHA Design

In almost all applications there’s a need to provide a double barrier between wellbore fluids and the CT string. The most common solution to this is Double Flapper Check Valves, which are supplied as a standalone tool, or part of the multi-function Motorhead Assembly (MHA).

The ability to disconnect from the BHA is often a critical aspect of the job design. In addition to the MHA there are a number of individual products such as the Hydraulic Disconnect, Shear Release Disconnect, Heavy Duty Disconnect and the Flo & Tension Disconnect which all satisfy this requirement using different designs and mechanisms.

Centralisation and alignment of the BHA inside the wellbore can be achieved using a range of tools including, a Non Rotating Stabiliser, Flo Thru Fluted Centraliser and Flo Activated Bow Spring Centraliser. When flex is required within the bottom hole assembly, a Flo-Thru Knuckle Joint or Torque Thru Knuckle Joint will align off centre or free the BHA from residual bend of the Coiled Tubing.

MHA Designs for every scenario

Our leading MHAs; 10,000 psi and now 15,000 psi are continuously evolving to meet the needs of modern wells with the latest revisions offering increased tensile and compressive strength, greater torsional rigidity & increased resistance to side loading and larger thru bores. Optional features now include a Pressure Activated Circ Sub and a Fluid Bypass Ball Seat to allow continued circulation with a disconnect ball on seat, a huge advantage should the CT string be stuck above the disconnect.

A wide and varied selection of CT Connectors

All LiMAR CT Connectors, the LITT Connector, Grub Screw Connector, Grapple Connector, External Slip Connector and the Roll-On Connector are surface hardened to improve durability. A machined Hex profile on the OD of all tools indicates a safe location for Tongs or Pipe Wrenches, and also ensures Wrenches will not slip and cause a hazard during make up.

When specialist connections are required, we can design and manufacture connectors for extremely high-load versions for heavy weight Velocity String applications, 15,000 psi rated variations, Chrome and Inconel tools to withstand the harshest of environments, Slips and Grapples to ensure a reliable connection to today’s high yield CT strings with increased surface hardness.

A further example is the Slimline Grub Screw Connector which was developed to provide a robust solution where there’s a desire to run an External CT Connector and limited difference in OD between the CT String and the BHA. Due to it’s unique design the Slimline Grub Screw Connector achieves this without sacrificing safe working load or pressure rating.




Our highly skilled engineering and technical sales staff are on hand to offer customisable, fast-response solutions for your well servicing needs.

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