Close Up Of CT Stabbing Snake Tool

Handling and Deployment Equipment

The CT Handling and Deployment Tools Category largely consists of the surface handling tools required in order to pull the CT String from the CT Drum and stab it into the Injector Head, along with the products required to deploy a BHA into the wellbore when there’s limited riser height available.

In scenarios where a robust connection is required, a Surface Handling Tool, which incorporates an Internal Grapple Connector can be utilised for a range of CT wall thickness.  Connecting a stabbing snake for manual stabbing or a Winch Wire and Knuckle Joints will complete the stabbing operation.
When height is restricted, Deployment Bars, Dual Isolation Valves and Torque-Thru Deployment Connectors, used in conjunction with the standard CT BOP enable numerous sections of a BHA to be deployed, hung off and connected together in order to permit a BHA length far in excess of the available riser height.



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