The second generation LiMAR Motorhead Assembly (MHA) is a technically enhanced version of the original LiMAR MHA, offering not only an increased pressure rating but a number of technical enhancements over the standard product.

The MHA houses LiMAR Single Piece Double Flapper Check Valves, Hydraulic Disconnect and a Dual Circulation Sub in one combined unit. This considerably shortens the overall length of the BHA and allows rig-up in situations where riser height is restricted.


  • For use in the BHA directly below the CT connector
  • To provide a double barrier from well pressure & contents
  • Torque-thru hydraulic disconnect option for contingent release
  • Integral dual circulating function for coil-to-tubing circulation
  • For use in height restricted rig-ups
  • Specifically designed for high pressure applications


  • Fishing operations in conjunction with high impulse jars and impact hammers
  • Milling operations in conjunction with hi-torque PDM motors
  • Explosive perforating operations
  • Abrasive perforating operations with availability of especially hardened MHA internals
  • Packer setting operations in conjunction with Inflatable, Hydraulic & Explosive setting tools
  • Acidising, Cementing & Stimulation operations
  • High Temp / High Pressure operations


  • Single piece cartridge type Double Flapper Check Valve safety system
  • Superior torque rating
  • High tensile and compressive strength rating
  • Optional flow paths during disconnecting
  • 10,000 psi Safe Working Pressure
  • Drop Ball operated release and circulating feature with maximised flo area
  • Benoil type rupture disc fitted as standard
  • Disconnect Sub fitted with standard GS type internal fish neck profile
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up & break-out
  • Connection options to suit customer requirements
  • Corrosion resistant materials

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Assembly Part No.Actual ODMaximum IDDisconnect GS ProfileMake up Length
223-1500-XXX-RX1.500"0.375"1. 1/2" GS26.85"
223-1562-XXX-RX1.562"0.375"1. 1/2" GS26.93"
223-1750-XXX-RX1.750"0.437"1. 1/2" GS27.48"
223-2000-XXX-RX2.000"0.562"2" GS29.84"
223-2250-XXX-RX2.250"0.562"2" GS29.34"
223-2375-XXX-RX2.375"0.562"2" GS29.34"
223-2500-XXX-RX2.500"0.562"2" GS29.34"
223-3125-XXX-RX3.125"0.938"3" GS 36.06" 

XXX - Last 3 digits of part number denotes connection type - Please refer to the connection code data sheet.
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