Wireline Tools On Workbench

The changing nature of modern well intervention means only the strongest connections will do

A Wireline Toolstring is comprised of the fundamental components required to perform, manipulate and control slickline operations downhole. On a standard toolstring you will find a Rope Socket, Wireline Stem / Sinker Bar / Leaded or Tungsten Stem, a Swivel Joint and a Knuckle Joint. Mechanical Link / Spang or Tubular Jars provide the bi-directional jarring impact / hammer-action to clear, clean, cut, punch, shear, pull up or push down within the wellbore.

A tool string can be configured in many different ways with varying types of rope socket, stem, jars with different outside diameters (OD) and lengths to suit the internal diameters (ID) and restrictions of the well configuration and completion geometry. LiMAR have developed a series of wireline tool string components in a range of diameters from 3/4”  up to 2-7/8” that cover all likely scenarios and well conditions, whilst maintaining reliability and safety.

Read more about how we define Wireline toolstrings and how LiMAR tool strings are designed for today's wells




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