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When you choose LiMAR as a business partner you will experience a level of service that is second to none.

Relentless customer focus is at the forefront of our service support philosophy. We understand the operational constraints of our customers. We understand the wells our clients develop, the wells they service and the sometimes harsh conditions they impose.

We understand the deployment mediums and their limitations. We know what the end user wants because we were the end users.


For client records and in accordance with our ISO 9001 management system responsibilities, all LiMAR products are supplied with a Material Certification Summary Package in reference to the equipment supplied against the actual purchase order number.

Each assembly component has a unique, fully traceable serial number allocated to it at the time of manufacture. From this information we can easily identify and locate the inspection sheets completed during the rigid QA / QC process.

The summary sheet also indicates the type and grade of material used and links the component directly to the material mill certificate from the original steel supplier.


When you place an order with LiMAR we create a safe and secure server location which contains all important order related information.

The LiMAR Unique Client Cloud will store all your Drawings, Operation and Service Manuals, Material Certification, Delivery Documentation, etc. Access to your Client Cloud can be from anywhere in the world, accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


During the assembly and disassembly of threaded tools there is always a risk of injury from either the pipe wrenches slipping or cuts and abrasions from sharp burrs caused by pipe wrench jaws. The known hazard is often identified during pre-job risk assessments but still too many incidents occur.

To help reduce this risk exposure to LiMAR clients and end users a 6 faced “hex” make up / break out feature is standard on all LiMAR tooling. The hex flats are milled to a width that easily accommodates the pipe wrench jaw. Selected components are also QPQ treated to harden the hex faces to prevent any burrs and steel splinters. Overall this simple feature assists in minimising the risk of injury to personnel and greatly improves tool longevity.


All LiMAR products are supplied with a digital Operation and Service Manuals (OSM). The OSM provides the end user in the field with a comprehensive outline of product details including technical layout drawings, pictorial 3D illustrations of assembly & disassembly procedures, running & pulling procedures, assembly & part numbers, etc. OSM’s are accessed via your own unique Client Cloud accounts.


LiMAR can provide special aluminium transportation and storage cases to safely house and protect your tools. Ideal for, but not limited for use with CT Reamer’s, WL Spring Jar Calibration Subs, Wire Cutter Packages, Grapples & Slips for Spears and Overshots, etc. Each case is tailor made to suit each product and can be supplied upon customer request.

Lightweight, robust outer casing with shock proof foam inner cell. Customised cut out component sections to precisely suit package content. Storage compartment for Operation & Service Manuals (OSM).


Certified in both the UK and S.E Asia, the internationally recognised ISO19001 quality management ensures a continual improvement culture within the company, puts controls and measures in place, and ensures the constant review of our processes and procedures. It is a requirement of many businesses, making LiMAR a trusted supplier of our customers.

The implementation of the standard improves customer satisfaction and efficiency within LiMAR.


LiMAR now holds accreditation for ISO 45001, the international standard for Occupational Health and Safety, it replaced the previous HSE standard of OHSAS 18001.

The standard helps promote a safer working environment, minimising risks for all employees and provides a structured framework for ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.



Our highly skilled engineering and technical sales staff are on hand to offer customisable, fast-response solutions for your well servicing needs.

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