Limar Fishing Tools Assembled In The Workshop

Our fishing tools are designed to be used in prolonged heavy jarring situations.

Wireline fishing is an unplanned but often necessary part of Well Intervention operations. The retrieval of items, known as fish that may have become lost or stuck within the wellbore can range from simple recovery to extremely complex scenarios which require experienced field operators to resolve. In these situations production will often cease resulting in a locked-in/shut-in well.

LiMAR Wireline Fishing tools cover every deployment eventuality from Lead Impression Blocks, Bailers and High Power Magnets to basic Pulling Tools, Finders and Wire Grabs up to heavy duty options for stubborn tools with fish necks such as Heavy Duty Pulling Tools (HDPT) or lost fish without a standardised neck including Releasable Overshot’s & Releasable Spears.

We believe that our retrieval tools are best in class using only the best materials including 130KSI strength alloy steel, designed to be used in prolonged heavy jarring situation.




Our highly skilled engineering and technical sales staff are on hand to offer customisable, fast-response solutions for your well servicing needs.

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