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2nd June 2021

In Wireline Well Intervention, there are predominantly two types of high impact Jars, the Hydraulic-type & Mechanical Spring-Type.  Sometimes referred to as ‘power jars’, both are used downhole as part of a Wireline Toolstring when upward impact is required for retrieving a ‘fish’, pulling a previously set downhole device, shifting a sleeve or they are added to a slickline or braided line string during routine operations for contingency purposes.

Energy in these tools is stored or created downhole and when released, creates kinetic energy causing an impact known as a ‘jar’, ‘hit’, or ‘lick’. The jarring process is repeatable and sometimes adjustable at depth, until the desired outcome has been achieved.



Wireline jars for every scenario

With a wide selection of Jars available, there is something for most well scenarios. If you are looking to improve and increase force then a Spring or Hydraulic Jar would be introduced to the tool string. For a more controlled jar that protects the wireline, a Hydraulic / Spring Jar would be deployed compared to Spang Jar that can sometimes prove erratic, but all will achieve the same outcome.

The introduction of a Spring or Hydraulic Jar to the toolstring can greatly improve and increase force whilst the controlled and steady nature of activating the Hydraulic / Spring Jar protects the wireline compared to the sometimes erratic function of a Spang Jar to achieve the same outcome.

Jar impact can be further improved by incorporating an Accelerator, also referred to as a stretch simulator, when used in conjunction with a matched Power Jar.

Jars and Accelerators also play an important role in recovering tubing hanger plugs, deepset locks, or retrievable bridge plugs (RBP’s), pulling safety valves (WRSCSSV) or gas lift valves (GLV) from side pocket mandrels, retrieving stubborn fish as well as shifting sliding side door (SSD) sleeves.

Why choose LiMAR jars & accelerators?

The LiMAR Jar & Accelerator range is the most comprehensive available, offering a Jar and complementary Accelerator for every occasion and budget. Available in all industry standard sizes 1-1/2”, 1-7/8”, 2-1/8” & 2-1/2”, LiMAR also offers the more expansive 1-1/4”, 1-3/4”, 2-11/16” & 2-7/8” versions to provide the end user with an enhanced impact option for an array of well types and operational situations.

The LiMAR high impact jar variants include Oil Jar, Hydraulic Mechanical Jar, Spring Jar/ Adjustable Spring, High Deviation Self-Cocking whilst the mechanical options include Spang / Link, Tubular,Knuckle and high angle Linear Jars in a range of stroke-lengths covering all well types, conditions, applications and operator skill set.  The Hydraulic, Mechanical and Adjustable Spring Jars have been developed to a higher specification and can be utilised in the most extreme conditions where high performance is critical. The LiMAR Sure Trip Jar, Spring Jar and Oil Jar offer a simplified shorter tool, utilise minimal components, are easy to assemble and perform during routine operations.

We are equipped for modern day well conditions

Unlike many wireline Jars available to the industry, which are the same today as they were 30 years ago, LiMAR Jars have been continuously refined and improved to meet the needs of modern day well conditions. No matter your operational constrains, be it debris, sand, temperature, well depths, high angled or deviated wells we are confident we can provide you with the right solution for your well.




Our highly skilled engineering and technical sales staff are on hand to offer customisable, fast-response solutions for your well servicing needs.

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