5th June 2020

Sand and debris are arguably one of the most common issues that every Slickliner has to contend with, yet how often do you have the correct bailer on hand?

In most wireline tool containers you will find a generic selection of Bailers, in nominal sizes, used to perform general bailing operations. However, as bailing is often an unplanned operation the choices available are not always the right fit and we make do. We urgently source ancillary parts to adapt a Bailer for a specific application, modify or hack existing parts to do the best we can with what we’ve got. Sound familiar?

What if LiMAR could supply a purpose built debris removal package, which has factored in flow control, well geometry and the type of debris you might expect to encounter?

We have been supplying our range of Bailers to valued clients all over the world for many years now and along the way we have delivered many bespoke accessories to complement our Bailers to suit various downhole situations to enhance debris recovery. We have the experience and capability to offer you a complete Bailer package proposal to suit your specific wells, taking into account your subsurface devices and the debris type likely to build up for removal within your completion. All that is required is some key information for our X>tract Well Review and a purpose built package proposal will be supplied to you which will aim to better equip you for most debris removal contingencies.

Depending on the Well Review, we can provide a range of Bailer options including Pump, Dump, Hydro, X>treme, Drive Down and Sample, a range of Shoe types such as Mule, Half Mule, Cut Lip, Snorkel and an array of checking options including Ball, Flapper, Full Bore Flapper and Flutter Cage. Extension Cylinder Tubes, Adapter Subs and Surface Handling Tools can also be supplied as part of your package with options for storage and transportation in either containerised or Pelican type cases, depending on the size of your package and logistical nature of your operations.

Debris removal and recovery options can also be extended to include our extensive range of Broach & Brush type tools including our Rotary Broach System, Collapsible Broach and Slip-Over Spool Mandrel which can carry a range of well cleaning attachments.

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