19th May 2021

A valued, long standing partner in Tunisia shared their Heavy Duty Fishing success with the LiMAR High Impact LQK-HD Power String and Heavy Duty Releasable Spear.

  • Location –Tunisia
  • Well Size – 3-1/2”
  • Deployment Medium – 7/32” Compacted Cable
  • Tools – LiMAR 2-1/8” 4K K>netic Spring Jar, Standard Load Accelerator & 2.720” HD Releasable Spear


After what was meant to be a routine operation on slickline, soon developed into something which required considerably more power. After the careful planning of the operation our customer determined that a heavy duty approach using 7/32” braided line was necessary to recover a problematic Isolation Sleeve with a stripped internal fishing neck which had been stuck solid in the well for several months. Opting to select the LiMAR 2-1/8” LQK-HDToolstring which includes the strongest available and proprietary LiMAR LQK-HD tool connection, allowed the customer to work to the full operating envelope of the toolstring and thus, the full safe working load of the cable. The 4,000lbs deflection of the K>netic Adjustable Spring and Hydraulic Mechanical Jars meant that impact forces, in excess of 100,000lbs, could be imparted down through the LiMAR HD Releasable Spear to recover the fish and unlock the valuable well.


After making a drift run to the depth of the fish, the customer could determine the exact tension at depth and be able to optimally configure the toolstring by selecting the ideal Accelerator and Spring Jar setting. At surface, the customer identified the target ID of the fish, selected the collet and set the adjustable reach feature of the Heavy Duty Releasable Spear. After a successful function test, the heavy duty string was deployed on the 7/32” braided line. After confirmation that the Spear was firmly engaged, heavy upward jarring with the LiMAR Adjustable Spring Jar commenced. Following a number of hits equating to between 65,000lbs & 85,000lbs impact force, the fish was successfully pulled free. During POOH, the fish hung up at the above restrictions which was due to the flared internal fish neck which increased the fish diameter. At every restriction, the customer showed the finesse required to continue to work through a further Nipple, as well as several Sliding Side Door’s (SSD), without losing the fish which could have caused significant problems had it prematurely sheared from the Spear. The troublesome Isolation Sleeve was successfully retrieved to surface, allowing the Operator to proceed to the next stage of the operation and return the well to production.


A high impact toolstring with high strength connections and equally strong BHA tooling could be deployed in a relatively small well on large wire / cable to unlock the well caused by an unwanted fish. The Operating Company avoided expensive CT operations or potential workover.

Our client quote....

“The LiMAR high powered toolstring which could be used in conjunction with our braided capability made this job possible and a success.”

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