12th July 2016

In conjunction with the recent unveiling of the Slick Kickover Tool and upcoming release of the Merla-type, OK & OM-type Kickover Tool range, LiMAR have developed a selection of Gas Lift Service Packages providing a comprehensive selection of tools for servicing Side Pocket Mandrels.

Having a dedicated contingency package in the event of pulling or setting problem valves is often an afterthought. The LiMAR Gas Lift Service Packages contain the critical tools required to diagnose and rectify problems, as well as carrying out routine tasks when conducting a GLV servicing programme. The Packages are presented in the LiMAR secure transportation & storage cases and available to suit both 1” & 1-1/2” Side Pocket Mandrels.

These can be tailored to suit your specific requirements but a focus has been made on selecting several main Service Packages with the necessary tools to cover most eventualities.


The Clean-out package contains key components including the LiMAR im-PRES Sub to initially identify the condition of a GLV latch whilst the Orientation Detection Sub, run in conjunction with the im-PRES Sub, confirms the angle and orientation of the Side Pocket Mandrel. Determining this information allows for a more informed and focused tool selection for subsequent recovery runs.

Like all of the tools within the Service Package, the LiMAR Compact KOT Dump Bailer is designed to be run on the Kickover Tool arm and in situations where scale is affecting latch engagement and recovery, a focused acid deposit can be made. Regardless of a GLV change-out programme, a run like this could be incorporated into a well servicing planned maintenance programme to reduce the likelihood of problems recovering trouble valves when an actual change out is required.

The Compact KOT Hydrostatic Bailer can be run in a similar fashion to the preceding Dump Bailer run to remove scale, sand or debris from around the GLV latch. The chamber volume is sufficient to ensure debris is recovered from a typical GLV pocket ID. The fluted shoe ensures optimum flow ingress whilst limiting the possibility of becoming hydraulically locked.

The Wire Scratcher, sized suitably with brass bristles to clean the seal bore profiles within the SPM, can be deployed after the GLV has been recovered and prior to a new valve being set. The Scratcher is ideal for clearing lost vee packings, scale and other debris from within the valve pocket. The LiMAR High Power Magnet can also be included in the kit, for situations where recovery of broken dogs or other ferrous debris may be fouling the latch mechanism, to allow for subsequent recovery of the Gas Lift Valve.

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Also presented in the LiMAR secure transportation and storage cases and available to suit both 1” & 1-1/2” Side Pocket Mandrels, the GLV Retrieval Package contains a comprehensive selection of products associated in the recovery of Gas Lift Valves. The key components that make up the package include Medium to Heavy Duty Pulling Tools and the LiMAR Heavy Duty Releasable Overshot.

The LiMAR Multi-Action Shear (MAS) Pulling Tool is used in place of the standard GLV recovery pulling tools and is proven to be both stronger and easier to use than the common market products. The MAS component is designed to protect the shear pin from initial downward jar impact, preventing a potential miss-run.

The LiMAR GLV Pulling Tool is a heavy duty design where the full contact radius of the collet fingers provides a significantly greater load bearing area than the dogs of a standard type pulling tool. This design ensures the GLV Pulling Tool and the GLV fish neck are less prone to damage during change-out operations. The GLV Pulling Tool can also be supplied with the Multi-Action Shear Sub feature.

In the event of encountering a Valve with a damaged or worn fish neck, the LiMAR Heavy Duty Releasable Overshot, fitted with an optimally sized Collet can be used to engage a problem GLV Latch. The LiMAR Overshot is specifically sized to suit the SPM pocket to maximise strength and the unique LiMAR® locking button feature ensures the Collet remains in the release position whilst disengaging from the fish. The multiple Shear Screw design also allows the Overshot to be pinned-up at a higher value than a conventional shear pin type tool, ideal for preventing shock-shearing during heavy jarring applications.

Extension Bars of various lengths can be stored in the GLV Retrieval Package for 1-1/2” Gas Lift Valves along with recommended Redress, Spare Parts Kits and supporting literature including Operation & Service Manuals (OSM) and General Assembly (GA) documentation.

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