Posted on 06 September 2018

To ensure your LiMAR K>netic Adjustable Spring Jars are firing accurately, it is important that the Calibration Sub is functioning correctly.

In operation; if a Spring Jar fires below the expected trip setting, it may delay or even prevent timely retrieval of the device to be recovered. If the Spring Jar fires above the desired trip setting, it may prevent firing altogether as the allowable wire working limit may be exceeded.

In a 1 Day turn-around service, LiMAR will fully inspect, redress, install a new gauge, electronically calibrate and recertify the Calibration Sub. If one day is too long, LiMAR can provide either the Universal or standard Spring Jar Calibration Subs as replacements until the customer owned asset is ready. Our customers can be assured that authentic, approved parts are used and confident that the K>netic Adjustable Spring Jar will fire, accurately every time.

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