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21st March 2017

Whether strength, functionality or a simple ergonomic change, it is important to constantly review, re-visit and re-test our designs to ensure we maintain the highest standard and offering to our customers.

The Adjustable Spring Jar was one of the first products to be designed after LiMAR’s inception and over the years it has been refined with small improvements making it one of LiMAR’s best-selling products. The latest improvement has focussed on increasing the speed and ease when setting the jar tension prior to running in the hole.

The new button locking adjustment feature replaces the adjuster screw design with a rapid and simple alternative. Utilising the very same Adjuster Driver, the necessary components to convert to the new button feature are minimal. By rotating a Sleeve, the “ADJUST” or “LOCK” Buttons are selected to either adjust the jar trip tension (using LiMAR’s Calibration Sub) or locked into place once the desired trip setting is attained, ready to run in the well.

Only one Button is visible at any one time and as a visual indicator, the Buttons’ contrasting colours makes for easy recognition. The black button indicates the jar is in the “ADJUST” position and not yet locked whilst the stainless steel button indicates the jar is correctly set and in the “LOCK” position, ready to deploy.

For any customers wishing to upgrade their Adjustable Spring Jar to the new improved Button Locking feature, please contact sales.

Download the product sheet for further information on the key design features and benefits. 



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