2nd June 2021

CT Speciality Tools encompasses the more unique, specialised and often more intricate designs. The category is wide and varied and the products within it can utilised to compliment a large number of CT applications ranging from Insert Strings to Fishing, Setting Plugs and Packers and Multi-Lateral Entry to name only a few.


Coiled Tubing Fishing Solutions 

Fishing applications can be greatly enhanced with the LiMAR Helical Driver and the Hi Torque Indexing Tool which provide Mechanical and Hydraulic solutions to rotating the fishing tool within the well-bore and ultimately improving the likelihood of latching a fish where challenging offsets exist. The unique Flow Activated Centraliser offers the strength and reliability to centralise a fishing BHA in large diameter tubulars. 

Building a Bespoke Installation String BHA

The Gas Lift BHA and Velocity String BHA are in fact a range of options which both include several tools which would be selected depending on the condition of the wellbore, producing formation and objectives of the job.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Use of the  LiMAR Flo-Diverter Sub allows annular circulation during RIH, a ball is then pumped to seat which diverts all flow or pressure to the BHA below making it an ideal solution where there would normally be a need to deploy a closed string with no circulation path. The Multi Cycle Circ Sub can be used in similar situations with the added advantage that there’s no limitation on number of times it cycles between forward facing and annular modes

Tubing Severance Equipment

LiMAR designs include the Flo-Activated Anchor, a low expansion tool with a moderate expansion ratio and the High Expansion Anchor which is used when extremely small ID restrictions exist above. Both products can be used independently or to compliment and secure the BHA when conducting a tubing cut using the Flo-Activated Tubing Cutter.

LiMAR tools are continuously evolving to suit today's challenges and our leading in-house design team are always on hand to create bespoke solutions for our customers.




Our highly skilled engineering and technical sales staff are on hand to offer customisable, fast-response solutions for your well servicing needs.

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