11th August 2016

In controlling costs, the first casualty is often quality; lowering standards to settle on a product (or supplier) that, on paper meet the minimum technical requirements but is simply unreliable or deficient in some manner.

At LiMAR, we are attempting to address this problem by providing a range of affordable, reliable tools which are 100% fit for purpose without having to compromise on quality. Also in times of increasingly complicated, over-engineered designs, it is right to think differently and take an alternative approach. Focussing on the higher priced components in a Wireline toolstring, this article, the first in a series in the coming months, is dedicated to the LiMAR Sure-Trip Jar.

The Sure-Trip Jar is built around the high tensile, colour-coded LiMAR Power Spring to deliver its assured performance. It is primarily used for routine operations where a known applied force will be effective and designed to provide a consistent, repeatable jar impact.

The trip setting is dependent upon which Power Spring is installed; five colour-coded, easily identifiable Power Springs of varying strengths are available, providing the Operator with the operational flexibility required to execute most routine wireline operations.

Faster redress, compact design and more resilient in high debris environments, the simplicity of the Sure-Trip Jar means less components and less complexity, resulting in a direct cost saving compared to Adjustable-type Spring Jars. In comparison to an Adjustable-type Spring Jar, which utilises hundreds of individual disc springs and adjustment component parts, the Sure-Trip Jar removes the guesswork and uncertainty in the setting up and operation of Spring-type Jars.

The inverted design and high-flow Slide Stem and Housing follows in the footsteps of the existing LiMAR Jar range and greatly improves performance in debris environments. At the same time this improves upward impact force due to increased moving mass at the point of impact.

In-house testing has proven the accuracy and longevity of the Power Spring range, with thousands of impacts delivered during the prolonged testing programme. The high rate, cycle testing results clearly demonstrates the LiMAR Sure-Trip Jar is a reliable choice with an affordable price tag.

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