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6th July 2015

The applications were diverse including:

  • Fishing operations, where recovery of extended fish would affect the ability to operate surface valves
  • A requirement to “lubricate” the complete toolstring above the Flow Head on a Subsea intervention operation for both shallow and deep well applications
  • Use in high angle, deviated well bores

The LiMAR Compact Combination Toolstring (CCT) draws from tried and tested components from the K>netic and D>send sub-brands to create a bespoke and yet versatile toolstring. Component selection includes a comprehensive range of Slickline & Braided Line Rope Sockets, integral Swivels, Standard or Tungsten Stem sections, Adjustable Spring and Hydraulic Jars, Tubular or Linear Jar Housings and Multi-Roller sections.

The smallest LiMAR Compact Combination Toolstring begins at 2.500” OD, upwards to 3.250” and onto 4.250” in diameter. Multi-Rollers can be added at any point for use in deviated well scenarios.

In combining the key components, unique length saving features are built-in to the design including the first ever internal fish neck on an Accelerator. In conjunction with other length-saving solutions, the overall CCT length can be greatly reduced without compromising on the critical components. The CCT is designed with interchangeability in mind to ensure maximum utilisation in varied applications. For example, the Adjustable Spring Jar can be exchanged for the LiMAR Hydraulic Jar module or the Accelerator and Hydraulic or Spring Jar can be removed altogether and replaced with a Stem & Tubular Jar arrangement. This, along with any choice of Rope Socket and Roller Wheel size allows for a truly flexible compact toolstring.

The LiMAR CCT can be configured with the necessary components to suit your specific application(s) and finding the right CCT for you requires a short consultation, in person, over e-mail or by phone, to determine the well characteristics, job at hand and surface equipment parameters including wire details, available lubricator height, etc.

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