18th May 2016

Since the launch of our Client Cloud in 2013, our Customer Service team have been working hard to ensure that ALL of our customers are logged on and using their very own Client Cloud accounts.

The concept behind the Cloud was to provide our customers with a secure, online account where all order related information, assembly documents, Operation & Service Manuals (OSMs), purchase orders, tool certification & traceability package and shipping documents could be accessed in just a few clicks. We understand how important instant electronic access to technical information can be and that this information can be lost or misplaced from time to time. We also understand that transferring this information by e-mail can be both time consuming and frustrating. For these reasons we wanted to create a practical system that was of recognisable value to our customers….so the Client Cloud was developed.

Our customers are not only benefiting from the access to technical documents but also from historical order information. With our multi-user login feature, the information can be accessed by senior management, the end user as well as the procurement department, from anywhere around the world, 24/7 – that’s every customer and every order with no need to opt in or register!

If you want to find out more information on the Client Cloud, or would like to be added as an additional user to your company account, please contact




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