6th July 2015

The trial was instigated by our customer to explore new technology options, with a view to improving operational efficiency, reducing inventory and increasing safety. The LiMAR Uni-Tool and Adjustable Spring Jar were put through their paces across two major fields and used on various operations including a high profile fishing operation.

"The Uni-Tool is an excellent, revolutionary invention; very simple to switch from shear up to shear down and effortless to maintain. Good for us to move on and put the old pulling tools to rest"

Wireline Field Supervisor – NOC.

"The LiMAR Spring Jar was easy to set, easy to maintain and worked very well downhole"

Wireline Field Supervisor – NOC.

Prior to the field trial LiMAR conducted a tool familiarisation session with the key service providers. During the demonstration, comments were made on the clarity and comprehensiveness of LiMAR’s Operation & Service Manuals, which ultimately helped the field personnel who were unable to attend the training session.

We expect our Uni-Tool and Adjustable Spring Jar to be a regular fixture in the UAE in the coming months. If you want to know more about these or any of the LiMAR product range, or the option of a product trial, please contact sales



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