5th November 2013

LiMAR defines its Coiled Tubing and Wireline Product ranges by a clear and concise sub branding system. There are four categories per product range and the proprietary sub brand title, correctly reflects and captures the design nature of the products. Our Coiled Tubing range includes D>ploy, X>tract, D>send and G>netic. Our Wireline range follows a similar classification with the substitution of D>ploy for K>netic which correctly defines the differences between the Coiled Tubing and Wireline medium.


  • D>ploy covers deployment related products including connectors, connector related equipment, deployment valves, etc.
  • X>tract focuses on tools integral to fishing operations including contingent disconnect devices, heavy duty tools, wire & debris recovery products.
  • D>send products complement our D>ploy range and include the critical components required to deploy a BHA to depth in high-angle, deviated wells.
  • G>netic includes a highly evolved range of tools associated with everyday use including the LiMAR MHA and superior alternatives to industry standard flo-release pulling tools.


  • K>netic covers the fundamental, key toolstring components from rope sockets to mechanical jars which are required to perform most routine wireline operations
  • X>tract focuses on heavy duty equipment designed for use during fishing operations including retrieval of wire, tools and the recovery or clearance of downhole debris
  • D>send products complement our K>netic range and include the critical components required to deploy a wireline toolstring to depth in high-angle, deviated wells.
  • G>netic includes a highly evolved range of tools including the proprietary designed SD, SU and Uni-Tool to provide superior alternatives to industry standard, external neck pulling tools which, like the GS, GU & MAS Sub, incorporate the unique LiMAR Arm-Align® feature. 


In the coming months we will be showcasing each sub brand in their own light to provide more detailed information on the products within. 

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