16th May 2018

The package included a range of products from across its sub brands including the K>netic Sure-Trip, Adjustable Spring & Oil Jars, Arm-Align GS Pulling Tools and Uni-Tool. With this delivery, SOSCO have demonstrated their commitment to continually improving service quality through utilisation of a range of products which are designed to be more reliable, stronger, easier to use and above all – safer to operate.

To coincide with the package arrival, LiMAR delivered specialist training over several days to the SOSCO operational team at their operational base in Nimr. Regardless of LiMAR’s comprehensive documentation support package, there is simply no substitute for hands-on training to ensure the users of the LiMAR products are fully conversant and comfortable in the operation of its products.

Craig Glatley, SOSCO General Manager said; “Training is an important part of our personal development programme at SOSCO, so we were delighted to welcome Paul Burnett of LiMAR to our Nimr facility. Paul delivered bespoke training to various workshop and field personnel, aimed at equipping our team with the skills and knowledge required to deploy the LiMAR range of products safely & efficiently.

As one of the Wireline Operators who attended the course commented: “We very much welcome the introduction of the LiMAR tools into our operation. The tools are very simple and a pleasure to work with whilst the versatility and strength will surely help us to execute a successful operation”.

Customer service is not just about providing a quality package of tools, on-time. It’s about ensuring our customers feel supported in receipt and throughout the utilisation of the LiMAR range of products throughout their lifecycle. This relentless customer focus is designed to build trusting partnerships and training is an integral component to achieve that.



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