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5th September 2018

In recent months the Coil Tubing line have launched the new LiMAR Multi Cycle Circulation Sub (MCCS). As with all of our products, an extended testing and acceptance program was carried out to perfect the final version prior to release. The LiMAR MCCS offers reliable switching of flow direction from the BHA to the annulus and vice versa. Each high rate, followed by a low rate cycle causes the tool to alternate between the two flow directions, which remains in place until the next cycle is initiated. The tool can be activated as many times as required without the need to return to surface, or the need to drop balls which limits operational flexibility and adds time to the work-scope.

The MCCS is particularly valuable in situations where:

  • There is a requirement to shut off tools below
  • Scenarios where nitrogen, slurries or corrosive fluids must be diverted from certain BHA components or to specific areas within the reservoir
  • In cases where a motor limits the flow rate to the well-bore, resulting in limited hole cleaning ability and a build-up of solids in the wellbore

The MCCS has been designed to:

  • Enhance a range of jetting, stimulation, fluid spotting and milling operations by increasing overall operational efficiency in numerous applications
  • Decreasing clean out times
  • Reducing the risk of solids build up and stuck pipe
  • Eliminating damage to motors and diverting slurries

Whatever the application, the MCCS utilised in conjunction with specifically selected products from our CT portfolio has the ability to overcome complex well-bore challenges, reduce the number of runs required and ultimately reduce costs. The feedback that we have been receiving has been extremely positive.

For further information on the LiMAR MCCS please contact our sales team



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