LiMAR® 10,000psi MHA

Posted on 23 April 2014

The LiMAR® High Pressure Motorhead Assembly (MHA) is an evolution of the standard LiMAR® MHA. The newly designed 10,000psi rated MHA, not only features a higher pressure rating, but a number of technical and operational enhancements over the standard product.

The MHA houses LiMAR® Single Piece Double Flapper Check Valves, Hydraulic Disconnect and a Dual Circulation Sub in one combined unit. This considerably shortens the overall length of the BHA and allows rig-up in situations where riser height is restricted.


  • For use in the BHA directly below the CT connector
  • To provide a double barrier from well pressure & contents
  • Torque-thru hydraulic disconnect option for contingent release
  • Integral dual circulating function for coil-to-tubing circulation
  • For use in height restricted rig-ups


  • Fishing operations in conjunction with high impulse jars and impact hammers
  • Milling operations in conjunction with hi-torque PDM motors
  • Explosive perforating operations
  • Abrasive perforating operations with availability of especially hardened MHA internals
  • Packer setting operations in conjunction with Inflatable, Hydraulic & Explosive setting tools
  • Acidising, Cementing & Stimulation operations
  • High Temp / High Pressure operations

Further information on the design features and benefits can be found on the D>ploy/High Pressure MHA product page


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