2nd August 2016

Arguably the first of their kind, LiMAR have recently delivered high specification, full INCONEL® OM-1 Type Kickover Tools to a valued customer based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The major International Service Provider approached LiMAR with the challenge to provide a solution to combat the extreme levels of H2S & C02 found in their customers’ wells.

INCONEL® alloys are oxidation and corrosion-resistant materials, well suited for service in extreme environments subjected to high pressure and kinetic energy. The skillset of the LiMAR machinists includes a long history working with such exotic alloys but this is the first time, in their recollection, a Kickover Tool had been machined completely from INCONEL®. Careful selection of machining coolant and close monitoring of the feed rate and insert life is of the utmost importance when working with INCONEL®. Failure to treat the material with the care it deserves can lead to delays and a significant cost impact.

LiMAR have manufactured proprietary tools such as the Uni-Tool and the Arm-Align GS Pulling Tool from INCONEL® and we look forward to further supporting our customer with any additional INCONEL® service tools that may be required.

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INCONEL® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation and Huntington Alloys



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