Posted on 15 March 2021

LiMAR Well Intervention Products play a vital role in supporting Welltec® and major International Operating Company to return well to production in West Africa.

  • Location – Nigeria
  • Well Size – 3-1/2”
  • Deployment Medium - Well Tractor® / Well Stroker® on Electric Line 
  • Tools – LiMAR HD Releasable Spear & LiMAR High Power Magnet


LiMAR were approached to provide mechanical fishing tool hardware for deployment on Welltec's Well Tractor® / Well Stroker® for the recovery of a problematic ‘X’ Lock. Prior to deploying the LiMAR tools, the ‘X’ Lock was destined to be strategically milled in sections, on Electric Line, to allow subsequent recovery of loose components and the bulk of the fish using the High Power Magnet & Releasable Spear.


Once the 'X' Lock was successfully milled, the keys and other components including springs and milling debris needed to be recovered. The LiMAR High Power Magnet, which utilises the strongest available magnetic insert, was deployed several times successfully until the magnet returned clean. After a contingency shear-off run, to verify the spear could release, the collet was installed and the LiMAR Heavy Duty Releasable Spear deployed. After a few attempts to latch, the troublesome fish was hooked and recovered from the well. The LiMAR technical team were on hand to provide support, supplementary engineering drawings and advice throughout the entire operation.


The brief identified a known restriction, within the well above the fish which standard tools would interfere with. It required modification of both the Heavy Duty Releasable Spear & High Power Magnet by LiMAR’s in-house design team to guarantee safe passage and retrieval through the restricted ID. The solution ensured the safe working load was not reduced or compromised to allow the high-powered Well Stroker® to be operated at its maximum capability if necessary.

Prior to the job commencing, a restriction was also identified within the fish, which would have restricted the HD Releasable Spear in latching and potentially preventing it from releasing. The LiMAR engineers were called upon to design a special collet suitable for a smaller OD core, which again was stronger than the operating limit of the high-powered Well Stroker®.


The major Operating Company avoided an expensive workover by utilising a multi-functional deployment medium which could both mill and carry mechanical heavy duty wireline tools to depth at high deviation.

Our client quote....

“LiMAR has provided a high level of customer service quality and support for this operation. The live support for us and our client, during our MS Teams calls was critical in the decision process as we worked on this difficult milling / fishing of the lost in hole ‘X’ Lock Mandrel.”

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