Posted on 18 May 2016

The LiMAR Single Stage Flow Activated Under-Reamer and the Dual Stage High Expansion Under-Reamer are at exciting stages of product development.

The single stage, triple bladed tool is nearing its final round of surface testing, with the official launch expected in the coming weeks. Robust, compact and without the use of hinge pins, the LiMAR® Single Stage tools are extremely short and particularly resistant to high torques. Whilst the end user will appreciate the design features, which dispel the typical reservations around the use of Under-Reamers, the expansion range required in some cases may rule that the compact single stage tool is not the answer….Roll in the Dual Stage High Expansion Tool, developed to achieve the maximum range possible and allow LiMAR to provide solutions for every foreseeable under-reaming scenario.

The two stage tool features a total of 4 blades and as with the single stage tool has the ability to deploy a mill below the tool. Due to the increased range of the blades and torque required to remove considerably dense sections of cement, scale or other well-bore solids, the dual stage tool used in conjunction with a mill effectively provides a three stage system. The Mill acts as the first stage, the lower set of blades acting as an intermediate stage and the upper blades then expand to full range to remove the final section of solids. All of which aids in reducing the loads required to maintain a steady rate of penetration, whilst reducing the likelihood of motor stalls or tool damage.

Evaluation of the Dual Stage High Expansion Tool is currently underway with an aim for it to reach the market in Q2 2016. For further information on either of these tools, please contact our sales team


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