25th June 2024

This year, LiMAR is celebrating its 20th anniversary, a milestone that invites us to reflect on our remarkable journey so far.

The early days

The initial motivation behind starting LiMAR stemmed from its founder & current Managing Director, Mark Kendle. After recognising that there was an opportunity in & around Southeast Asia to provide a fast & reactive design, manufacturing & supply service to local Well Intervention companies, Mark took the leap to start-up alone by incorporating LiMAR Engineering & Oilfield Services Pte Ltd, right in the heart of Singapore. Leveraging his expertise, local market knowledge & vision,  LiMAR began to fill the gap he had predicted to serve in the local Oil & Gas industry’s market.

Naming the Business

The company name LiMAR originates from taking the combination of Mark’s & his sister, Lisa’s forenames, reflecting a personal connection to the company. In its early years in Singapore LiMAR faced significant challenges, with Mark & a small team working tirelessly to design & build a range of products using limited resources. Despite the difficulties, strong relationships were forged with key clients, laying the foundation for the company’s growth into what it has ultimately become today…..

Relocation to Thailand

A decision by Mark to relocate the business to Thailand proved pivotal in 2006. The move, to a location with major Oil & Gas players right on the doorstep, & in a busy region, allowed LiMAR to expand its growing team rapidly & establish itself as a leading supplier in the Southeast Asia region. With Duds Whitwell joining LiMAR as Mark’s partner & joint Director in 2007, the company gained further expertise & momentum in its product range development & expansion from regional sales to beyond.

Expansion to the UK 

The next major strategic move was in 2012 when LiMAR UK was incorporated & set up in a small unit at Ellough Industrial estate, Suffolk. The new UK entity provided access to highly skilled & experienced personnel & gave a strong foothold for sales growth into European & the broader global market. 2015 saw further investment with a move to a larger manufacturing site in Oulton, Lowestoft, enabling the business to grow and further expand our global reach. 

From its small & humble beginnings LiMAR products have been shipped around the entire globe, covering every continent, and serving thousands of customers. 

Dedication and Success 

Throughout its 20-year journey, LiMAR attributes its success to its dedicated team of people, emphasising the importance of establishing a core team to achieve customer satisfaction & drive its growth.

Despite industry challenges, the company remains committed to innovation & quality, positioning itself for continued success as a global supplier of quality well intervention products.

Celebrating 20 Years 

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary here in 2024, we are proud of our journey to date & remain equally as excited now as we did those 20 years ago….

Thank you to everyone who has been part of LiMAR’s story. Here’s to the future & many more years of innovation & success! 




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