The LiMAR® Spring Jar Calibration Sub is used to confirm the activation point or ‘trip’ setting of the LiMAR® Adjustable Spring Jar prior to running in hole.

The LiMAR® Calibration Sub is made up to the Adjustable Spring Jar and by simply rotating the tommy bar at the end of the Calibration Sub load is applied across the latch mechanism of the Spring Jar. Simultaneously, a hydraulic piston will compress a fluid filled chamber and the resultant pressure created is registered on the pressure gauge in psi. This reading is directly proportionate to the tripping force in pounds force and indicates the tension required to activate the Spring Jars down hole.

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  • To function and correctly set the activation point of the LiMAR® Adjustable Spring Jar at surface prior to deployment


  • Compact, one-piece Calibration Sub
  • Simple, robust design ensuring ease of operation for the end user
  • Manually operated, internal piston excludes requirement for additional hand pump and hose
  • Directly proportionate piston pressure (psi) to the tripping force of the LiMAR® Spring Jar (lbs) making calibration simple
  • Optional protection and transportation case available
  • Suitable for on-toolstring Spring Jar adjustment
  • Bleed screw feature for removal of air from hydraulic chamber
  • Selected components QPQ treated
Assembly Part No. To Suit Spring Jar Jar Setting Range Pressure Gauge Deflection
1025-1500-00-RX 1.500" up to 1100lbs 5000 psi (1 psi = 1 lbs)
1025-1875-00-RX 1.750" / 1.875" / 2.125" up to 3000lbs 5000 psi (1 psi = 1 lbs)
1025-2500-00-RX 2.500" up to 7000lbs 10,000 psi (1 psi = 1 lbs)

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