The LiMAR® GLV Retrieval Package includes the key items to recover stubborn Gas Lift Valve’s. Securely packaged in an aluminium transportation and storage case, the MAS Pulling Tool, GLV Pulling Tool and Releasable Overshot are field-proven to offer a reliable and robust option in the retrieval of problem valve’s.

Optimally sized to suit most Side Pocket Mandrels / Gas Lift Valve’s and designed to be deployed on any Kickover Tool. The LiMAR® GLV Retrieval Package provides piece of mind that a contingency package is ready and available for any unplanned operations.

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  • To provide a quick-to-access, compact but comprehensive package of heavy duty components required to recover problem Gas Lift Valve’s


Multi-Action Shear (MAS) Pulling Tool
The primary function of the MAS Pulling Tool is to reduce the likelihood of a miss-run during GLV retrieval. Styled on the successful Uni-Tool, the MAS Pulling Tool is significantly stronger than current market S-type or JD-type pulling tools with the added flexibility of being able to alter the shear direction:

  • Shear down
  • Shear up
  • Jar-down indefinitely, jar-up indefinitely, shear down

GLV Pulling Tool
The full contact radius of the collet fingers provides a significantly greater load bearing area than the dogs of a standard type pulling tool. This design ensures the LiMAR GLV Pulling Tool and the GLV fish neck are less prone to damage during GLV change-out operations.

HD Releasable Overshot
The LiMAR Heavy Duty Releasable Overshot is designed to recover GLV’s with damaged or worn fish necks. With an optimally sized Collet vs Housing diameter, the LiMAR Overshot retains all the features of our mainstream Releasable Overshot range but specifically tailored to engaging and recovering problem Gas Lift Valve’s.


  • Simple, robust designs ensuring ease of operation for the end user
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up & break-out



Components Product Code To Suit GLV (0.875” & 1.187” FN) Actual OD Fish Neck Connection
Multi-Action Shear (MAS) Pulling Tool 7179 1" / 1-1/2" 1.350" / 1.625" 1.187" 15/16" SR
GLV Pulling Tool 1051 1" / 1-1/2" 1.350" / 1.750" 1.187" 15/16" SR
HD Releasable Overshot 1001 1" / 1-1/2" 1.350" / 1.750" 1.187" 15/16" SR

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