The LiMAR® Slick Kickover Tool (KOT) with the enhanced friction reducing roller swivel design will install & retrieve 1” and 1-1/2” Gas Lift Valves in deviated well bores – regardless of Side Pocket Mandrel (SPM) orientation.

Maintaining key industry proven mechanisms within the KOT trigger and kick arm along with the user-friendly maintenance benefits of the unique roller swivel design, the Slick Kickover Tool is easy to operate and maintain.

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  • Especially suited but not limited to deviated wells, the Slick Kickover Tool will service 1” & 1-1/2” Gas Lift Valves in various Side Pocket Mandrels, regardless of orientation


  • Extreme low friction, compact roller swivel design to reduce tool length and increase performance in high angle, deviated well bores
  • Integral Valve Catcher to mitigate subsequent recovery runs due to potential dropped valve
  • Industry proven kick arm and trigger mechanisms
  • Improved bypass area to improve deployment in fluid
  • Quick Connections supplied as standard to further reduce assembly length and prevent damage caused by installing crossovers using wrenches
  • Supplied in most roller wheel diameters to suit customer requirements
  • Fully shearable at various points within the design to ensure safe recovery
  • Multiple, easy to access service points for simple maintenance
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up & break-out
Product Code Nominal Tubing Size To suit GLV Effective Roller OD Fish Neck Connection
1180 2-3/8" 1" Up to 1.813" Optional Optional
1180 2-3/8" 1.5" Up to 1.925" Optional Optional
1180 2-7/8" 1" & 1.5" Up to 2.250" Optional Optional
1180 3-1/2" 1" & 1.5" Up to 2.720" Optional Optional
1180 4-1/2" 1" & 1.5" Up to 3.800" Optional Optional
1180 5-1/2" 1” & 1.5” Up to 4.300" Optional Optional

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