The LiMARĀ® Dump Bailer is designed to convey & deposit materials within the well bore.

Applications include the depositing of cement above a retainer to create a cement barrier or the deposition of L.M.P alloy to create dense liquid debris barriers to protect the internal fish neck of a flow control device.
The Dump Bailer contents are released from within the cylinder simply by jarring downwards to rupture a brass retaining disc. The contents are then free to flow from the lower end of the Dump Bailer via the open ended bailer shoe and its ports.

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  • To convey and deposit liquid materials within a well bore


  • Mechanical shear sub with no requirement for pyrotechnics, hydraulics or electronics
  • Additional extension tubes for increasing capacity
  • Optional bottom shoes available to suit varied applications
  • Connection options to suit customer requirements
  • Simple, robust design ensuring ease of operation for the end user
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up & break-out
Assembly Part No. Actual OD Fish Neck Connection Cylinder Volume
1031-1500-XXX-RX 1.500" Optional Optional 0.25 litre/ft
1031-1875-XXX-RX 1.875" Optional Optional 0.34 litre/ft
1031-2375-XXX-RX 2.375" Optional Optional 0.58 litre/ft
1031-2875-XXX-RX 2.875" Optional Optional 0.83 litre/ft
1031-3500-XXX-RX 3.500" Optional Optional 1.29 litre/ft

XXX - Last 3 digits of part number denotes connection type
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