Deployed in conjunction with a Mill Bit the LiMARĀ® Under-Reamer expands beyond the Mill diameter permitting full bore reaming below well-bore restrictions.

The Mill acts at the first stage creating a pilot hole, the Flo Activated Under-Reamer acts as second stage to enlarge the pilot hole and maximise the effective drift through areas where scale or other well-bore deposits are present. The Under-Reamer is available with specialised reaming blades and mill dimeters to suit all eventualities.

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  • Removing scales & stubborn well-bore deposits, drilling plugs and hole
    enlargement below a restriction.


  • Robust design features a perpendicular activation device
  • Blades fully retained within tool OD
  • Carbide dressed blades
  • Triple bladed, single stage to minimise length
  • Flo-activated
  • Ball drop capability
  • Optional blades and sleeves to extend range
  • Simple, robust design ensuring ease of operation for the end user
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up & break out
  • Connections to suit customer requirements
Assembly Part No. Actual OD Standard Range
282-1687-XXX-RX 1.687" 2.460"
282-2125-XXX-RX 2.125" 3.070"
282-2875-XXX-RX 2.875" 4.190"
282-3125-XXX-RX 3.125" 4.630"

XXX - Last 3 digits of part number denotes connection type
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