The LiMARĀ® Torque-Thru Knuckle Joint is designed to provide a point of flexibility within a Coiled Tubing Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) whilst maintaining a torque thru capability.

Configuring a Torque-Thru Knuckle Joint within the BHA enables it to pass unrestricted over nipple shoulders, tubing crossovers and other points where a rigid BHA may encounter difficulty. An internal hexagonal profile prevents the ball joint from rotating within the socket therefore providing the torque-thru capability required for use in conjunction with down hole motors, etc.

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  • To provide a point of flexibility within a Coiled Tubing BHA whilst maintaining a torque-thru capability.


  • Large thru bore
  • Torque-thru ball joint
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit industry standard BHA’s
  • 10 degree deflection angle from centre line
  • Connection options to suit customer requirements
  • Simple, robust design ensuring ease of operation for the end user
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up & break-out
  • Corrosion resistant materials
Assembly Part No. Actual OD Maximum ID Make up Length
104-1500-XXX-RX 1.500" 0.500" 10.45"
104-1687-XXX-RX 1.687" 0.656" 11.00"
104-1750-XXX-RX 1.750" 0.656" 11.00"
104-2125-XXX-RX 2.125" 0.787" 12.13"
104-2250-XXX-RX 2.250" 0.787" 12.13"
104-2375-XXX-RX 2.375" 0.875" 13.38"
104-2875-XXX-RX 2.875" 1.187" 14.82"
104-3125-XXX-RX 3.125" 1.187" 14.90"

XXX - Last 3 digits of part number denotes connection type - Please refer to the connection code data sheet. For additional sizes or further information please contact sales

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