The LiMARĀ® Non-Rotating Stabiliser is designed to centralise and stabilise a Coiled Tubing BHA during milling, cutting or applications where a down hole motor is deployed.

The Non-Rotating Stabiliser mandrel and sleeve can rotate freely and independently of each other whilst the milled flutes along the length of the sleeve provide an adequate bypass path for fluid and cuttings during operations. The stabiliser sleeves can be easily interchanged to suit the working ID whilst utilising the same mandrel for ease of use and inventory reduction.

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  • To centralise and stabilise a Coiled Tubing BHA during operations such as milling, cutting or applications where a down hole motor is deployed.


  • Interchangeable sleeves for operational flexibility and inventory reduction
  • Phosphor bronze bearings for component wear reduction
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit industry standard Coiled Tubing BHA’s
  • Large thru bore
  • Simple, robust design ensuring ease of operation for the end user
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up & break-out
  • Connection options to suit customer requirements
  • Corrosion resistant material Assembly
Assembly Part No. Actual OD (Excl. Sleeve) Maximum ID Make up Length
114-1687-XXX-RX 1.687" 0.652" 15.65"
114-1750-XXX-RX 1.750" 0.652" 15.65"
114-2125-XXX-RX 2.125" 0.875" 16.50"
114-2875-XXX-RX 2.875" 1.500" 20.00"

XXX - Last 3 digits of part number denotes connection type - Please refer to the connection code data sheet.
Please list required sleeve sizes upon ordering.
For additional sizes or further information please contact sales

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