The LiMARĀ® Chemical Injection BHA comprises of a reservoir, pump and series of scrapers to target specific areas of deposit build up in the wellbore.

When an obstruction is encountered the pump and scraper mechanisms are activated by reciprocating the work-string at the hold up depth. Solvents or chemicals are then discharged to various ports and scraper mechanisms in the BHA.

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  • Replaces time consuming runs and potential tubular damage with Gauge Cutters
  • Can be used with Capillary CT and Wireline to pin point only the areas where chemical treatment is required
  • An alternative to bull heading or treating the entire completion string


  • Time savings in comparison to traditional methods
  • Multiple diameter scrapers and ports included in single BHA
  • Selective discharge, ports in BHA only open if a restriction exists
  • Minimises chemical usage
  • Modular in design to suit varying applications
  • Available to suit all completion sizes
  • Simple robust design
  • Selected components QPQ treated
  • Hexagonal flats for safe make-up and break out
  • Connection options to suit customer requirements
  • Corrosion resistant materials
Assembly Part No. Tubing Size Maximum OD BHA Length
279-2875-XXX-RX 2.875" 2.499" 232"
279-3500-XXX-RX 3.500" 3.124" 232"
279-4000-XXX-RX 4.000" 3.548" 238"
279-4500-XXX-RX 4.500" 4.156" 238"
279-5000-XXX-RX 5.000" 4.696" 238"
279-5500-XXX-RX 5.500" 5.192" 238"

XXX - Last 3 digits of part number denotes connection type.
For additional sizes, screen insert slot sizes or further information please contact sales.



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