Designed to compliment LiMAR’s existing range of Abrasive Jetting Products, the Abrasive Jetting Bypass Sub allows circulation to the tools below before and after abrasive jetting perforations or slots.

The tool is initially configured to allow circulation to the tools below, the first drop ball closes the downward circulation path and opens a set of abrasive jetting ports to allow perforations or slots to be created. The second drop ball then isolates the abrasive jetting ports and returns flow to the tools below, making it an ideal product to combine runs and increase the efficiency of any abrasive jetting operation.

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  • Abrasive jetting operations where a plug and setting tool may need to be utilised in the same run as creating perforations
  • Scenario’s where a Clean Out or Milling Operation will be required to access the desired perforation depth
  • Any stimulation operation where there is need to isolate the tools below and regain forward facing circulation following the stimulation treatment


  • Available in a range of sizes to suit all tubulars and restrictions
  • Tungsten carbide abrasive jetting orifice
  • Interchangeable orifice inserts to suit specific hydraulic requirements
  • Hardened bodies with splashback protection
  • Hardened ball seats to minimise effects of erosion
  • Bespoke designs to suit customer’s needs
  • Corrosion resistant materials


Product Code Desription Options
313 Abrasive Jetting Bypass Tool Orifice ID, Tool OD, Tool Length, Orifice Configuration, Thread Connections

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